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 But somehow, feeling teeth in Vietnam

But somehow, feeling teeth in Vietnam. When looking at the mirror, I saw that a tooth was split longitudinally, but it was only half lengthwise, not the root. For about a week after I rechecked to continue to have a tooth next to the same tooth as before. May doctor tell you the cause and treatment? I would like to thank you. When plaque is not regularly cleaned, the bacteria attack the tooth roots and produce enzymes that destroy the binding of epithelial (connective and dental) and cause gingivitis. . If the gums are inflamed without proper treatment and oral care, the inner lining and jaw bone are pushed backward, forming holes around the teeth. Small gaps between the teeth and gums are where the food debris is trapped and can cause infection around the teeth, forming an abscess. When the benefits of inflammation red, bleeding cause pain, swelling of the cheek, mouth odor uncomfortable.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Teeth cracked, what to do teeth

Sometimes on the tooth enamel there are small cracks appear, this is also often seen and almost no harm if not accompanied by other symptoms such as pain, eczema, tooth loose.

Therefore, if you do not feel any other problem, meaning that your teeth are healthy, it is okay to eat a little more carefully, not too hard. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

If the inflammation lasts, the benefit will be dropped to make the root of the exposed, looks very bad. The worse the disease, the deeper the gums and the more damaged the jawbone, the teeth with no grip will become loose and eventually fall out.

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should check with your doctor whether your teeth and teeth have any problems and treat them as soon as possible.

Why should cracked teeth be applied?

In the structure of teeth, enamel is very special properties and is evaluated rigid, more durable than the regular bone. As a result, enamel can protect the teeth from external factors, and help the teeth eat chewing effect.

However, in the course of frequent eating and chewing – especially those in the molars, and under unreasonable dental care, enamel can wear out and cause a condition. Cracks due to missing teeth. This condition not only causes pain, discomfort and widespread pain, but also affects the health as well as the function of the teeth.

Therefore, cracked teeth is a solution that can be implemented quickly, help you timely effective treatment of this condition. vietnam dentist prices

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