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people’s lives from bowls of breakfast noodles teeth dental implant, chronic ridge of the tooth and shattered crowns, loss of function of the teeth.In addition, when the tooth decay, the breath of the patient also has a bad smell.In the case of grandchildren, you should go to the Faculty of Dentistry for an early endodontic treatment, avoiding much impact on the teeth and surrounding organizations and less expensive. I am young so I have to take some measures to prevent tooth decay for the remaining teeth like:You must clean your teeth after eating and before going to bed.Limit eating foods high in sugar or brushing your teeth properly right after eating.Using toothpaste containing Flourine, you can use an antibacterial mouthwash after meals.Periodically check the teeth every 6 months

to promptly detect changes of teeth, take appropriate and timely treatment measures.Your smile will become radiant and brighter when applying accelerated teeth whitening at home to celebrate Tet. Please experience immediately with our formulas below.Coming to the new year, everyone is busy preparing for Tet and forgetting that he must also do beauty. A beautiful smile shimmering cấy ghép implant

with white teeth will give you more confidence when communicating with friends. Do not worry, the way to whiten teeth at home to welcome Tet below will be helpful for you, surely the effect will not be bad.You won’t need to be surprised because baking soda is so familiar in many women’s beauty recipes. Not only is the dough made, it also has an extremely effective bleaching and antibacterial effect. implant tphcm

If you combine baking soda with fresh lemon, the whitening effect will be much higher. High acidity lemon, extremely fast, antibacterial and bleaching. Therefore, be hesitant when you just need to spend low cost that soon owns the bright white teeth as expected.Just mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 slice of lemon juice. Mix well and then use a dab brush to get the mixture and rub it on trồng răng implant

your teeth like you would normally brush your teeth. Keep doing so continuously for about 5-10 minutes then rinse your mouth with water. Maintain regularly once a day to achieve the highest efficiency.Strawberry is a delicious fruit, rich in vitamins that are quite popular. Strawberries have amino acids that make antibacterial and whitening quite good. Because of this feature, many people dental implants

choose strawberries to take care of their teeth to become brighter.You just need to cut strawberries into thin slices and rub it on the tooth for about 5-10 minutes each time. After a short time, the teeth will no longer have yellow prices