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handed over contestants with fraud points to teeth in Vietnam

handed over contestants with fraud points to teeth in Vietnam, ceramic tooth. Teeth is durable and natural like natural teeth made of high-tech ceramic glass fibers. All-ceramic porcelain emax and porcelain emax press are the most popular. UTM dental porcelain is the pinnacle of nature, the ultimate solution to cosmetic prosthodontic maximum. What is EMax porcelain crown? EMax porcelain crown is an acronym for Esthetic Maximum. Made from full porcelain Lithium Disilicate, heated at temperatures above 1600 degrees Celsius, full teeth E.Max porcelain force up to 400 Mpa, 4 times stronger than real teeth. E.Max is a non-metallic porcelain ceramic with superior strength. The teeth are composed of ribs and the shell is made of pure porcelain, the most durable and most durable.

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<strong>Advantages of EMax dental porcelain</strong>

<strong>Safe, non-irritating: <em><a href=””>vietnam dentist prices</a></em></strong>

Compared to the body with emptiness, EMax surpassed the metal. As it exists in the oral environment, E.Max does not interact with other materials in the mouth, has good thermal insulation, does not irritate the gums and the inside of the cheeks.


E.Max porcelain teeth are not abrasive in acidic environments, so they can be functional and aesthetically pleasing for a long time. The life span of EMax porcelain teeth can be as long as 10-15 years, or even longer if you look after your teeth well.

<strong>Natural white teeth:</strong>

E.Max porcelain teeth have high luminescence properties, so the teeth are natural and natural teeth, it is difficult to distinguish E.Max porcelain teeth with real teeth with the naked eye. In addition, all EMax porcelain teeth are not blackened after a period of use.

<strong>Strength: <em><a href=””>Saigon Vietnam dental implants</a></em></strong>

E.Max teeth are made from high temperature chopped Lithium Disilicate slabs over 1600 degrees Celsius, with a strength of up to 400 Mpa, 4 times stronger than real teeth, helping you eat better chewing gum. form. Even teeth do not crack, break or flicker. Own density is slightly lighter than precious metals, giving you a feeling of lightness, comfort, no difference when the porcelain restoration.

<strong>Is EMax porcelain crown good?</strong>

EMax porcelain possesses complete biological compatibility with the human body, absolute safety in accordance with ISO and CE standards, which are strictly tested before being put into use. E.Max porcelain teeth do not cause any irritation or changes in tooth color over time, do not interact with other materials in the mouth, have good thermal insulation ability should fully adapt the environment in the mouth. All Emax dental implants are completely benign, with no gingival irritation after restoration.

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