example, people can use this type of tooth in Vietnam

example, people can use this type of  tooth in Vietnam, because when the teeth are lost and not replanted, and if not planted, complications can occur. Science has proven that the jaw bone loss after tooth loss is absolutely correct. The real teeth are less chewed and therefore less pressure on other areas of the jaw The remaining teeth increase the stability of the denture Feeling of lower jaw position and pressure on the denture better than losing all teeth. Psychologically, keeping some teeth will make it easier for you to accept your denture The lower jaw tends to be more stable than the upper jaw. So the overlap is very useful for lower jaw, this is the option for those who have some teeth. However, teeth retain some health standards. Canine teeth and premolars are most often chosen for their length and position in the jawbone.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho After tooth extraction, it should be replanted

Why replant teeth soon after spit What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

As usual, after the extraction of teeth for 2-3 months, the phenomenon of osteoporosis will occur and depending on the locus of each person that the level of bone is fast or slow. Teeth should be shaped to fit the denture, so it is often necessary to treat the canal (see also canal therapy). Usually the teeth are covered with a metal scoop that matches the denture. An attachment or magnet can also be placed on the metal to increase the retention of the denture.
The denture can also be mounted on the implant instead of the real teeth. Implant acts as “artificial root”, we can put bridges or dentures up there. It is possible to connect the implant together with a metal bar to provide support for the denture. Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Loss of teeth about 3 months, the jaw bone will begin to progress naturally due to the gap in the bone cavity is not compensated. The cervical spine will lower gradually causing the gums to fall.

Bones and gums are not able to retain strong teeth that lead to dental disease, the teeth next to the missing teeth will be tipped over, teeth facing the missing teeth will come down.

After 2 years, the jaw bone can be about 60% dissipated and your face will feel older when the facial muscles have no bone support. Loss of teeth is not just to make the teeth bucket, but also to bone loss, gum loss and aesthetic loss of teeth as well as chewing. Dental tourim in Vietnam

After tooth extraction, it should be replanted

Depending on the health of each person, mainly based on the time healed. For older patients with relatively large tooth extractions, wound healing time should be longer than young ones and therefore waiting times for dental implants are longer than normal.

Clinical observation, after tooth extraction for about a week, in the gutters began to form the organization of meat seeds, about 1-2 months after the tray canal was recovered. But at this time X-rays can still see the boundaries of the gut, after about 3-6 months, the new bone can form again. Therefore, usually after 2 months patients can implant normal dentures and give the best results, while fixed dentures, after 2-3 months of extraction can be grown. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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