What to eat after filling teeth?

Tooth fillings are a simple procedure to attach dental materials to a toothed area that prevents the spread of tooth decay. To ensure that the sealant is permanent on teeth, you need to find out what fillings should not eat. What to eat after filling teeth? It is very important because this is a direct determinant of the strength of the seal. However, many people do not really know the proper diet for dental fillers. What to eat after filling? The nature of the fillings are used polymerization reactions to freeze dental materials to the tooth surface, preventing the spread and development of the trace width caries is the goal of filling method. After deep scraping, the doctor will perform a direct sealing of the Composite or Amalgam material on the deep teeth under the effect of laser or halogen light.

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With the amount of heat to be adjusted accordingly, doctors will phototherapy about 20-40 seconds, filling hardens and adheres to the enamel to help the patient can comfortably eat after one day of treatment. However, you should only use the following safe foods: What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

Soft and thin foods such as starch, porridge, soup.

Some vegetables are soft and boiled

Fruit is cool, easy to chew and less seeds

Drink fruit juice or milk

Besides the foods mentioned above, you need to pay attention “fillings should not eat?” To ensure the durability of the restoration.

What should to eat after filling?

After dental porcelain, dentists advised us to make healthy and light diets, especially limited foods such as:

Avoid eating foods too hot or too cold Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

Materials used for fillings are amalgam and composite usually not high reliability and very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Therefore, you should avoid excessive heat exposure to tooth fillings, inlays prevent peeling.

Do not eat too hard or too tough foods

As mentioned above, the adhesion of the seal is not high, so it can be peeled or cracked when subjected to strong impact.

In addition to the scientific diet, you should note some important issues for oral health such as: Dental tourim in Vietnam

After eating foods, beverages and food colors, you should brush your teeth or rinse thoroughly clean. More importantly, you should visit your dentist for a periodic visit to assess your condition and dental health.

Tooth decay is a solution that prevents the growth of cavities and preserves the shape of teeth quickly. With simple treatment, you will not need to undergo invasive procedures and do not have to worry about the pain of filling teeth. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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