betrayal is to come in teeth in Vietnam

betrayal is to come in teeth in Vietnam. Many patients after dental implant prosthetics implant treatment often reflect on the treatment of the underlying implant prosthetics. In essence, the implant does not matter, good basic health, teeth look good. The problem is that the food is always drained underneath the implant. And taking food under the implant prosthesis causes many discomfort to the patient. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that porcelain crowns are one of the most durable restorations that can maintain shape and function for many years. However, after a period of dental crowns may need to be replaced. To help you better understand before deciding on aesthetically pleasing dental treatments, let’s look at the answer to the longevity of porcelain veneers. What causes them to be replaced? And how do we help sustain them as long as possible?

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Food advanced prosthetic implant underneath

The implant is placed slightly offset from the tooth loss area, which is usually seen in the case of an implant. Implants are placed after extraction, and for large jawbone, implant tendons are typically inserted into the grave of the distal femur. Unfortunately, it creates an irregular area beneath the prosthetic implant. vietnam dentist prices

The three types of prosthetic restorations on the implant are function, aesthetics and hygiene.

Function: The adjacent edge of the prosthesis does not touch joints. In this case, the lateral edge is at a position on the surface of the impingement with a “near” edge. If the force is placed in this position, the examination will see the abutment screws are loose, the cement attached decay, bone, etc.

Aesthetics: Not a factor to discuss in this case. Satin looks pretty good. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Hygiene: This is the main issue! Even when the close contact is good, the restraining line does not come in contact with the gums that cause food to stagnate.

Surgeons can perform abutment and temporary imaging during adjustment after implantation. Can be added to the adjacent rectangle close to the gums, then perform a new tooth.

It is recommended that each patient should have a prosthetic restoration on the implant prior to reconstitution. We need to check the aesthetics, hygiene and function with temporary restoration. If the patient refuses to perform prosthetic restoration on the implant, they should sign a commitment to understand the risks that may be encountered, including: feeding, unbalanced placenta …

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