5 experience years to help baby through the period of teething safe

Teething is the first difficulty a child has to undergo due to the growth and development of the body. Problems with teething can be immediate and lasting if the parent does not care properly. Help your child through this uncomfortable period safely and comfortably with the following management experiences:

Control fever for children

When teething, most children experience very specific fever. Usually the level is only mild and no need to take medication. But also children with fever above 38 degrees 5, then you can reduce the fever with Paracetamol doses from 10 to 15mg / kg weight.

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Control your child’s habits What is the cost of full mounth dental implants in Vietnam

Accompany the fever, the child may have a lot of saliva, or suck the tongue, bite the hand. You should restrict your child to repeat these actions. Wrap a baby towel around your neck to clean your saliva regularly, and give your baby a soft toy to bite when it is comfortable.

Treatment of abnormal manifestations of digestion

Accompanying the fever is a stag for many days. At this point, you should give your child regular oral fluids. When the stool is mixed with plenty of water, it is best to go to the doctor.

If your baby is crying and show signs of weight loss, prolonged anorexia, about 1 week should also take the child to see.

Keep your baby’s oral hygiene Denal crown done by internation dentist in Vietnam

After feeding the child to dessert with water filter. For teething children should use a soft towel to wash the tongue and teeth gums for the baby. For children with permanent teeth, then practice self-brushing after eating.

Pay attention to the nutrition of the child

Keep healthy eating habits healthy. In particular, attention should be paid to calcium-rich foods for the bones and teeth.

Limit children to eat candies and foods high sugar to prevent dental disease.

Especially limited antibiotic baby to avoid yellowing of teeth due to antibiotics later.

Periodontal care is essential for your baby Dental tourim in Vietnam

Control teething

This is especially important when teething is permanent. Patients should be periodically monitored to control the pathology that may arise and to control the growth of the teeth. This will help detect early defects in children’s teething to have an early recovery, to help children get the most perfect teeth when entering adulthood.

There are also many teething children have been brought to I-DENT Dentistry for periodical examination and registration for dental health. Differences in teething are well controlled and most effective. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

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